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For those who like collecting or showing off their collections.
Collectible – n. one of a group of things that people collect as a hobby; old bottles, toys, stamps, coins, cards, rocks, figurines, postcards, bottle caps, etc etc.

This community was created for people who collect things, and for those things they collect. This community was made with the intent to offer a forum where people could come and post information about their collections, share pictures of their collections, and share their stories with others who are interested in collecting things. It was intended to be a place to form a network, for collectors and collections alike.

Community Guidelines - Read This

Do Not Join To Sell – If the only reason you are here is to try and sell things, then take yourself somewhere else. There are plenty of communities out there already dedicated to this purpose. This is NOT one of them.

No eBay Auctions – Our reason is clear in the amount of abuse this community has already seen in eBay auctions. You are still allowed to trade or sell your collectibles, but you are not allowed to post direct links to eBay (or other) auctions here. If you wish to share information about items for sale/trade, you can make a post about the object(s) and refer people to your own journals. Violations will be deleted without question.

Posting Images & Longer Posts - Please keep in mind some users have slower internet connection speeds /older computers. Use the lj-cut tag when making large posts, when you have really large/multiple images, etc.

Play Nice - Negativity in any form is not acceptable here. There will be NO tolerance here for flaming, fighting, spamming, bias, prejudice, or blatant negative remarks.

Examples Of Posts

Acceptable PostHello, I am Rachel. I’m 32 years old and live in Colorado. I collect stamps and coins from all over the world. I’m hoping to find others here with similar interest that might be willing to trade items.

NOT Acceptable PostLOOK! Lots of cool stuff for sale dirt cheap! Come see all my auctions and bid on them! GI JOE, wrestling figures, DVDs, CDs, clothing and more!! Dirt cheap! HURRY AND GET THEM BEFORE THEY’RE GONE! (Linking to auction page)

This set of guidelines will be updated as the need arises. Use common sense and good judgment and proper netiquette and you should be fine.

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The maintainers here are: nocky and leopardwolf

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Let us know!

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